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Bulgaria & Turkey: the end of the European part of our trip!

Bulgaria: enjoying a mini-holiday on the Black Sea! We entered Bulgaria just as we would later leave it: there was no-one at the border points to control our passports. As we illegally entered the country we were greeted by endless fields of rape and poppies. The road was fairly good, but unlike Romania the villages and cities were far apart, which made the cycling slightly more relaxed and therefore enjoyable. As we approached Balchik we turned off the main road and were rewarded with a beautiful view of the coastal cliffs. We had planned to stay at the camping ground in the city but then remembered that it was our five-year anniversary that day so we decided to treat ourselves to something a bit nicer. We ended up booking ourselves in the Bohemia hotel, a quaint little place run by an Englishman, and then enjoyed a celebratory dinner by the sea front. As I woke up the next morning, ready for another day of riding, Angela informed me that she was sick again so we agreed to stay in Balchik one more day so that she could recover. Just as well, since it gave us time to visit the lovely […]